Our Mission

Our Mission is to assist you as an individual Loan Officer to dominate your local mortgage market with your lending services. 

Our goal is to get your first-page placement on all major search engines with emphasis on Google since Google owns the major lion share of all search results.

You as an individual Loan Officer have some much control and power over your local market when it comes to online presence. The bigger companies can not afford to own all the markets, that is why search engines give first-page ranking to local businesses.

The mortgage business model has changed over the years and Loan Officers need to adapt to those changes. Keep doing what you're doing if that is getting results, just add another pillar(s) to your marketing with an online and offline platform.

But, if are tired of spending time, money and energy on dead end avenues, then STOP and do something productive that is going to bring your results. Doing the same marketing over and over will not bring any new results, but only higher stress levels and empty pocketbooks.

Our goal is to bring you closer to more closed loans without having to spend a ton of money and time chasing real estate agents begging for their business.

There are better mousetraps to close more loans. We as loan originators enjoy having our phone ringing with new direct business. Instead of making outbound calls day after day (that is go to good as well) but should not be your main source of getting business.

Our Mission is to get your social media up and running with YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, Linked In, a Website, Blogging, Google My Business Placement and Reviews. 

Also, in other important areas like Direct Mail to homeowners and renters, working with FSBOs - For Sale By Owner's to assist them marketing their property for sale, email blast to existing data, touch points with card mail outs and much more.

Our Mission is to assist those Loan Officers who want to take action and grow their business. There are a lot of Mortgage Originators in the business that are thought to pound the streets and knock on doors of real estate agents. Guess what, that is the same actions other Loan Officers are doing.  You will be no different than the other 25 Loan Officers that called the same agent that week.

You are in luck because many Loan Officers do not have an online presence and that is where you can dominate and own page one of Google with your services.

Our Mission is to get you to own first-page ranking where buyers and existing homeowners searching for a lending professional in their local market and that professional needs to be you.

If you have not already become one of the valued members with Mortgage Marketing Pros, what are you waiting? Take the first step towards realtor independence and begin to build your stream of inbound calls.

Our Mission is Your Mission!


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