Why Is It Very Important To Have A Ranking Mortgage Website

Apr 24, 2019

Ranking Mortgage Website

People are more internet savvy than ever before. However, there are many loan officers that feel that they are OK even though they don't have an online presence. There are hundreds of reasons why every loan officer need a ranking website. In this blog post, we will only talk about the 25 reasons why you need a ranking mortgage website right now.

  1. Your Competitor Has A Website - Whether you choose to compete or not, there is someone trying to earn your potential clients' business. When rates isn't the issue, and one reference isn't good enough to close the deal, your website can be used as a tool to gain new clients. If you don't do it, your competitor will.
  2. Your clients Are Looking For You - In a perfect world every client that you ever service will keep your number on their refrigerator, or in their cell phone. When they need you they would simply go to the frig and give you a call. Unfortunately wives throw items away from the frig without asking and cell...
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