How Long Should a Mortgage Blog be?

Nov 06, 2019

Many loan officers forget this basic principle; When you have a blog or a website, you must blog. It is very disappointing when you like a brand, head to their blog and see that it has been months, or even a year since their last blog post. I've also seen blogs with the post date removed so they can "get away" with posting less frequently. From my perspective, no date is equivalent to an old post, but the writer is masking their lack of frequent updates. If you have a blog or call yourself a blogger, you should regularly post updates.

Regular blog posts also provide more traffic to your mortgage site - from both readers and search engines. Search engines favor websites that are more frequently updated. If you regularly provide new content, search engines will scan your website more often. The more often the bots scan your site, the more content you will have indexed, which can appears in more search results. Also, the more often your site is scanned, the sooner your posts will be...

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