How Emails Have Outgrown just a Signature Line for Mortgage Loan Officers

Feb 11, 2018

How to harness the full potential of an outgoing email

Emails carry an immense amount of power with utilizing them correctly as a Mortgage Loan Officer. Every time you send an email to update your home buyer or real estate agent, know that you’re not harnessing its full potential. Emails have the potential of being used as marketing tools and not just for communication mediums. You can easily seize this opportunity as long as long you have your signature line which entails your name, address, title, contact numbers, company name, your website and the NMLS number.

How do you do it? Well, begin by putting your email to use and creating hyperlinks of your name, address, the name of your company and your website. Better yet, you can expand the sphere and create hyperlinks of some of the aforementioned items using your company’s email to let the receiver know about special niche loan programs your company offers. Create hyperlinks of any URLs of interest to direct your email...

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