When should I ask a borrower for a customer review on a home loan

Oct 18, 2018

Loan Officer Reviews

Customer reviews can be a vital tool for attracting new customers, and evaluating your performance to determine areas that might need improvement. The reviews is an effective sales tool because it serves as a powerful form of social proof. If you were on the fence about purchasing a product, wouldn't you appreciate hearing a number of positive (or negative) testimonials about that product from real people/your peers who were once in your same position?

Showcasing a number of immaculate testimonials on your sales page or your social media, Google My Business and Yelp, assuage your customer of any doubts which they have about your service.

But besides the obvious reasons of the positive impact of getting reviews from your satisfied customers, reviews can easily generate you new business by increasing your ranking on Google and yelp as the accounts with more positive reviews will rank higher on the search engines.

The absolute best time to ask for a review for your...

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