5 Marketing plans steps that you can do that will have a huge return

Jun 06, 2019

Time to create your mortgage marketing plan? Just the words, marketing plan, sound so dry and conjure images of lengthy word documents, online research, and possibly some sort of matrix. Completely understandable. But, what if there is a different way?

What if we take that complex process, boil it down, and only use what loan officers truly need? The single most important elements and a workable plan. That doesn't sound so bad. Because, really, once we take out all the mumbo jumbo, we're left with four parts:

  1. Evaluate Existing Foundation
  2. Know Your Target Audience Precisely
  3. Create A Workable Plan
  4. Measure Everything
  5. Be Patient

Evaluate Existing Foundation

In order for any amount of marketing, advertising, or public relations to work, the marketing foundation must be solid. Your marketing foundation includes: logo, tagline, Unique Selling Proposition (USP), and loan officer service. If your company has been in business for more than a year, you have your logo and your tagline. If it...

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