5 top free mortgage marketing ideas in 2019 for Loan officers

Sep 04, 2019

There is a ton of sales and marketing information out there for loan officers - what is actually worth your time and what isn't? I've read numerous books, listened to plenty of presentations and conducted several training sessions on sales and marketing. Some of it has been junk, some of it has been recycled common sense, but some has been pure gold. What I will do today is try to boil down the key themes (that work) of sales and marketing in five easy to remember points. Although these tips and ideas may look generic, but they do work mortgage marketing, loan officer marketing and pretty much any type industry.

Top 5 Mortgage Marketing Ideas for Loan Officer:

1. Scarcity Drives Demand
No this is not a lesson in economics 101, however it is a rule of economics that holds true. When things are limited or exclusive to a group of people, customers want it. It's part of the "you want what you can't have" cliche. Think back to high school. You may have gotten dumped by your sweetie...

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