How to maximize your Loan Officer email signature line

Aug 07, 2019

Loan Officers spend lots of time putting together the perfect email to their mortgage clients, business partners and other potential customers. You can't just end it with a "~" and your name. well, you could, but it wouldn't be advised. Your email deserves a finishing touch--something with as much thought as the content you so carefully crafted.

If you already using an email signature you may want to ask yourself, How well is my email signature working for me? For most people who use email, an email signature is just a basic contact information signature file that they append to their emails without giving it much thought, if they choose to use an email signature at all. However, for professional loan officers, an email signature can be the least expensive yet most effective tool in your online business marketing toolkit. Why? Because it enables you to promote yourself and your mortgage business without any blatant advertising. It's like sending a business card with a call to action...

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