Do you have a LinkedIn company business page as a Mortgage Loan Officer

Aug 22, 2019

Without a doubt LinkedIn is one of the most important sites a loan officer should focus on from the outset and YES you should be using it to the absolute limit of its potential.

However it is not the only site to really focus on: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other video upload sites, your blog, online Directories, relevant forums, article sites and social book marking sites, they all have an important part to play in your social media marketing strategy and whilst LinkedIn is very important you must develop a strategy and see it in the long term perspective.

It’s easy to use, it’s free, it's well established and liked and it's powerful for loan officers. Do not see LinkedIn, just in the personal context alone see it as a really powerful professional networking tool at the level of the firm itself.

LinkedIn has over 500 million users and is perfect because all those users solely focus on using the site for business purposes.

When you join, LinkedIn, you create a...

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