Who helps Mortgage Loan Officers generate more leads

Nov 27, 2019

Grow or perish... as you well know, in mortgage business there are only two options. And while we are constantly being bombarded with the latest marketing options, gimmicks, trends and opportunities, it seems that in the current market the simplest things are often the best.

The key to generating more leads, in the current economic climate is community. Your prospects want to feel as if there is a face behind the corporation. Gone are the days of big brands and monolithic empires - community is in, and it's the perfect time for loan officers to prosper.

Get personal, get ego-centric and build your own personal brands. It's time to revel in your loan officer status - as someone famous once said (on a totally unrelated topic), "Say it loud and say it proud." Become the public face of your business, give information away, be generous, and position yourself as an expert. Then the leads will come.

1. Email Marketing

There are three vitally important aspects of email marketing.

The first...

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