How to generate mortgage leads for free as a loan officer

Oct 02, 2019

Free Lead Generation Ideas for Mortgage Loan Officers

Many loan officers are overwhelmed when they look into mortgage as a possible income stream. Aside from the nervousness hesitation to learn all these new loan programs, there is an obstacle before they are even able to get a client qualified. That obstacle is in the pursuit of actually finding mortgage leads.

Mortgage leads are the bread and butter of any successful mortgage loan officer.

Lead generation is your answer. For the next few minutes, you will discover some incredible ways to pull in those mortgage leads. You will discover the trade secrets of a 20+ year internet marketing veteran that just so happens to be a mortgage loan officer. Let's get started!

Do you find clients, or do clients find you?

There are many methods loan officers use to reach mortgage leads. Many of them require you to reach out to them. Others will allow them to reach out to you. I am a huge fan of having the lead contact me. Why? Because if they...

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