FSBO Marketing for Loan Officers

Feb 22, 2018

 Mortgage Industry

The last one decade, the mortgage industry has grown to be among Economic pillars in the world. It has since employed many people and contributed immensely to the GDPs of many countries. However, it is how you do it that makes it booming. It's in everyone's knowledge that others start and fail. While others have remained very prosperous in the business.

The industry is faced with numerous challenges that must be addressed if you are to continue with the business. Such challenges range from difficulties in sourcing leads, maintaining a steady lead source, adhering to numerous regulations by governments, not to mention entry of large financial institutions into the sector. This necessitates the need to even make it better.

To say that it's challenging to be a mortgage professional in today's environment would be an understatement of the century. Mortgage originators like every other participant in the sector are faced with numerous challenges. Their riddle is...

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