A Creating Touch Points to Grow your Mortgage Business?

Jan 30, 2019

Are you creating touch points at the beginning, during the process, at closing, and after closing? Learn some touch points with the borrowers, agents, and escrow that will increase your business and pick up new affiliate partners. Link for some National Days https://trackmaven.com/blog/national-days-calendar/ LionDesk discount link http://www.liondesk.com/#_l_o76y 

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As a Mortgage Loan Officer your Success is Dependent on Your Effort Everyday

Jan 22, 2019

Success is Dependent on Your Effort Everyday as a Mortgage Loan Officer. Wanting to close more loans and generate more leads each month? What efforts are you doing each day to ensure you consistently close a good amount of loans to live within your comfort level? For more tips, technics, strategies, and ideas check out www.MortgageMarketingPros.com 

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Mortgage Marketing Strategies, Ideas and Inspirations for Loan Officers in 2019

Jan 18, 2019

Mortgage Marketing Ideas 2019

We have just begun a new year, and everyone has a list of resolutions which may remain words on paper if you do nothing to make sure that you realize them. As a loan officer marketing mortgage to prospective customers may have been tricky in the past years. For all your efforts, it can be frustrating that you have barely been meeting your target. However, do not give up; not just yet until you have tried these marketing ideas to bring fruition to your hard work.

What will this article cover?

In this article we will be taking a 360 look at mortgage marketing starting with ways to grow your business and ending with ways that you can utilize to become a better loan officer.

  1. How Can I Grow My Mortgage Business?
  2. How do I Become a Successful Mortgage Broker?
  3. How do I market myself as a loan officer?
  4. How do I Promote My Mortgage Business?
  5. How to use open houses to meet agents?
  6. The strategies loan officers use to attract business
  7. Top Mortgage...
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Do You Blog as Loan Officer? If Not Start and Listen How to Structure one!

Jan 14, 2019

Another free avenue you can generate leads and rank on the first page of Google is with a blog. Blogs that are structured well will rank on the first page of Google driving more traffic to you. If you have blogged in the past and did not see results, there is a reason why, if you are blogging time to change your strategy and if you have never blogged, it is time to do so. Learn more at www.MortgageMarketingPros.com  

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10 Mortgage Marketing Advantages to Google My Business for loan officers

Jan 08, 2019

Google My Business (formerly known as Google Places for Business or Google Local) offers Mortgage Lenders/Broker and Loan Officers a fantastic opportunity to appear in Google local search results on the first page.

Google My Business provides you with the ability to list your business location on Google Maps and local search results.

You can display important information about your services, including business hours, contact phone number, a link to your website and more. You can also post a link to articles or upcoming events.

The Business Page is free and should be regarded as a necessity by all Mortgage Brokers/Lenders and especially for you as a Loan Officer working in the mortgage industry.


  1. It’s free. Yes, FREE
  2. It's the ultimate business directory with pertinent business information accessible to your potential customers, instantly
  3. All of the information you list is clickable. Customers can click your...
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Having a Successful Loan Closing Starts with the Loan Officer at Originations

Jan 07, 2019

Be a better loan officer by originating a fundable loan. The last thing you want to happen is to receive a decline decision because you did not originate a good loan from the very start. You can pick up referrals and real estate agents because you completed a fundable loan in a timely and stress-free manner. Need additional help with your mortgage business? check out www.MortgageMarketingPros.com to learn tips, ideas, technics and strategies to increase self generate leads. 

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Marketing with your Email Signature Line as a Mortgage Loan Officer

Jan 05, 2019

Are you using your email signature line to capture leads? Use your email signature line to direct your recipient to a blog, video, ebook, loan application etc. Your email signature line should be one of your marketing avenues to drive in more leads. Learn how by listening to this informative podcast. Learn more tips, technics, straighties and ideas at www.MortgageMarketingPros.com

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Are you asking for Referrals as a Loan Officer?

Dec 24, 2018

Are you asking for referrals? If not you are losing an opportunity to expand your reach to new clients. Give a reason for your borrowers to refer you to friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors. Download your free ebook on 7 marketing Strategies for mortgage loan officers to ask for referrals  

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7 marketing Strategies for mortgage loan officers to ask for referrals

Dec 19, 2018

Loan Officers How to Ask for Referrals?

Everyone agrees that mortgage referrals are the most effective, and cost-effective, way to generate new clients, but asking for referrals can feel awkward, and most loan officers don’t even do it!. We know that you don’t want to come across as desperate or pushy, especially when you feel that asking for referrals may upset your client, which It does not if you ask the right way.

The only way you can grow and make more money is to increase your sales. It takes a lot of work to make a single sale. With all the time, effort and money involved, you’re always looking for a way to maximize your effort and expense so that you can grow your bottom line. No matter how long you’ve been in sales, you already know that getting a sale through cold calls is tough. It’s always easier when a friend or client recommends your products or services to someone else. This is one of the reasons why customer referrals matter and should...

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Mortgage Marketing with yelp as a loan officer and the benefit of review

Dec 19, 2018


There was a time when clients reached for the Yellow Pages when they wanted to find a loan officer or a real estate agent. However, today's client probably doesn't even have a copy of the phone book; instead the majority of people now find everything they need using online resources. Combine that with the increasing number of smart phones that offer customers the ability to search the web - even when they are away from home -- the process of enhancing your online presence is even more vital to bringing customers to your business.

What is Yelp for Loan Officers?

Yelp is a popular search and social media platform that allows users to look up businesses in their area using computers and smart phones.


Every successful loan officer knows that word of mouth is the best way to bring new customers to a business. Also consider the fact that today's savvy shoppers research before they buy products and services and you can see why a service...

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