Why Is It Very Important To Have A Ranking Mortgage Website

Apr 24, 2019

Ranking Mortgage Website

People are more internet savvy than ever before. However, there are many loan officers that feel that they are OK even though they don't have an online presence. There are hundreds of reasons why every loan officer need a ranking website. In this blog post, we will only talk about the 25 reasons why you need a ranking mortgage website right now.

  1. Your Competitor Has A Website - Whether you choose to compete or not, there is someone trying to earn your potential clients' business. When rates isn't the issue, and one reference isn't good enough to close the deal, your website can be used as a tool to gain new clients. If you don't do it, your competitor will.
  2. Your clients Are Looking For You - In a perfect world every client that you ever service will keep your number on their refrigerator, or in their cell phone. When they need you they would simply go to the frig and give you a call. Unfortunately wives throw items away from the frig without asking and cell...
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Ep #21: Are you Headed on a Dead End Road?

Apr 23, 2019

Time to take your business in a new direction, get on another road to success and start doing something by taking control of your business. Here is a link for a discount on LionDesk http://www.liondesk.com/freetrial_referral#_l_o76y and here is a Link to Pipeline ROI please mention my name Nathan Rufty and check out www.MortgageMarketingPros.com and sign up with coupon code POD10.

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Ep #20: Are You Creating Touch Points with your Funded Database?

Apr 16, 2019

Reasons on why borrowers forget who their loan officer was and how you can fix it. As a Mortgage Professional, 50% to 70% of your income comes from past borrowers with repeat and referral business. Do not miss out on an opportunity to remain relevant. Here is the link for a discount on LionDesk http://www.liondesk.com/freetrial_referral#_l_o76y and here is a Link to Pipeline ROI mention my name Nathan Rufty and check outwww.MortgageMarketingPros.com and sign up with coupon code POD10.

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Is Your Mortgage Website Generating Leads for you in 2019?

Apr 11, 2019

Every loan officer knows a website is critical to a lead-generation strategy. Learn how to determine if your mortgage website is doing more harm than good with our handy checklist.

Websites aren't like cartons of milk with a clear-cut expiration date stamped prominently on them. But that doesn't mean that your website will never spoil. With new trends and technologies constantly being introduced, the web is the most fluid media format in the history of mankind. Studies, technological innovations and constant testing are shaping (daily) how "best practices" for web marketing are evolving. That's why it's essential that you periodically ensure that you're not falling behind the curve. An outdated website can do more harm than it does good, making you look out of touch. The trouble is that it's not always easy to know when your site crosses that line and becomes a liability rather than a benefit to your business.

With that in mind, we've assembled a list of 10 key indicators when...

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Ep #19: Get in the Game by Making Plays

Apr 09, 2019

What actions are you taking to create your lead generating systems? Get in the game and make plays that will drive traffic to your website to download a free eBook, a video to learn about a program or drive them to a blog to educate themselves on how to improve their credit. Be an educator about the mortgage industry to set yourself apart. Make your first play by signing up with www.MortgageMarketingPros.com and use the coupon code of POD10. 

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Ep #18: Do You Have a Goal to Increase Your Mortgage Business?

Apr 02, 2019

What activities are you doing to increase your business every time you go to your office. Business is not going to just land at your feet. Loan officers should have a plan of action and goals in place to achieve and sustain a long and successful mortgage career. Here is the code to receive a discount with LionDesk


To learn more tips, technics, ideas and strategies check out www.MortgageMarketingPros.com

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Online Marketing Tips & Ideas for Loan Officers in 2019

Mar 28, 2019

Loan Officer Online Marketing Tips

You are a loan officer. Do you need a website? An Internet presence can be a necessity or a resource-draining boondoggle, depending on your target audience. You shouldn't build or maintain a website simply because "everyone else has one." However, even if you own a one-person services company and get all the business you can handle through word of mouth, you can still create an online presence with a minimum of time and expense.

If and when you do develop a business website, you'll need to make some kind of investment in Internet-based marketing. Consumers increasingly and overwhelmingly use the Internet to research and buy goods and services. This means the competition is robust, and if your site doesn't announce its presence it will simply sit and gather (virtual) dust in some computer's memory.

If you've convinced yourself that you need to enter the web marketing arena, the following report provides a fundamental primer on the most widely used...

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Ep #17: What are you doing to grow your business as a Mortgage Loan Officer

Mar 28, 2019

What are you doing to grow your business as a Mortgage Loan Officer? Hope it is proactive activities that will generate calls to build your database. The more you do something, the better you will become at it and it will produce results. Create your business and click on this link here https://www.lendingtree.com/home/mortgage/most-competitive-housing-markets/ to see why having an online presence is crucial to your business going forward. To Learn More visit www.MortgageMarketingPros.com 

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Ep #16: New Way to Communicate with your Borrowers as Loan Officer

Mar 21, 2019

Are you communicating with your borrowers via Facetime, Skype and Google? If not why not. Consumers are getting more and more savvy with technology when it comes to the new home loan process, online. Our industry is going more paperless by the day and looking to streamline the home loan process, have you?

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How Do I Market Myself As A Loan Officer 29 Tips & Tricks

Mar 15, 2019

In this article we will discuss the most useful tips and tricks to help loan officers in marketing themselves online. No doubt there's something valuable to take away from this post, for everyone, no matter what marketing strategies are being implemented.

Loan Officers Marketing Tips & Tricks

  1. 75% of your time should be dedicated to traffic generating leads, only 25% should be dedicated to working the loans, processes should be doing most of the work.
  2. Pick one or two traffic generating strategies and spend one month mastering them before moving on others. As an experienced mortgage loan officer, I know the importance of mastering one strategy. You don't need to be the jack of all trades in the beginning.
  3. Always aim to give more value than your competitors. If your competitors are giving away a free eBook, you give away an ebook on 10 ways you can increase your credit score (as an example). Even if you don’t know how to write ebooks you can always outsource this work for a...
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