Loan Officers. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Jul 31, 2018

Comfort Zone is Comfortable

It can be easy for a loan officer to fall into a routine and get comfortable with the way things are. If your mortgage business is OK and you are paying your bills, Why change? As a matter of fact, comfort zone can be your worst enemy, because even if you are doing good in your mortgage business now, history taught us that nothing stays the same, any small change in the economy can effect your business, also there are new loan officers joining the mortgage industry every day, so staying put, means that you are going backwards.

Pushing yourself to expand your horizons and get a little better each day is essential to growth, by striving to learn new things in improve with every aspect of your business, you will be creating a new comfort zone like no other, which is to be only comfortable when you are moving forward.

Pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone doesn’t have to be extreme, like taking on a new mortgage marketing strategy that you’re...

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Pick one Niche and Stick with it - Loan Officer Marketing Tip

Jul 31, 2018

Pick one Mortgage Niche and Stick with it

One of the main reasons Loan Officers fail in their effort to generate business in the mortgage industry is that they try to do everything at once, the problem is when they see other successful loan officers targeting certain niches and they try to copy each niche and each loan officer style. For one what might work for you may not work for someone else and vice versa, what could be a great marketing strategy for one loan officer may not work for you, there are many variables like that effect it, like experience, market, available programs, …etc

It even gets harder when you try to do market yourself in so many different ways, because first you will never be great in everything, and second its very hard to measure the outcome of a marketing campaign when you are doing several at the same time therefore it makes it impossible to make the necessary adjustments in optimizing the campaign to ensure the maximum results.

“A Jack of...

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How to Target Renters to Buy a House as a Loan Officer

Mar 26, 2018

Loan Officers can target renters to convert into home buyers. Steps to follow on how to convert renters to an owner with a marketing plan for your mortgage business. 

Why Market to Renters

Here are the top 10 reasons to focus on Renters:

1) Rent Increases, just getting too expensive to continue renting

2) Job relocation to a new city or area

3) Wish to move to a different area to be closer to their job, family, friends, school, hospital, etc 

4) Issues with management, neighbor or neighbors; loud neighbor(s) moved in, dogs continuously barking, no parking, etc

5) Need more space, outgrown space with a new addition to the family

6) Divorce or getting married, downsizing or increasing family size

7) Becomes a homebuyer's market, realizing it is the right time to buy and own real estate

8) Maintenance issues, the property always needing maintenance with bugs, water leak, needing updated carpet or paint

9) Need less space, their current residence is too...

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Mortgage Marketing Plan and Setting Smart Goals is crucial for business

Mar 21, 2018

Many loan officers fail in achieving their mortgage marketing goals, even when they take the time to think about their goals and write it down. There are many reason why you may not be able to achieve your goals. Your goals may be too big to achieve, especially when personal issues sidetrack you, or maybe you’re just switching mortgage companies.

Set Achievable Goals

Challenging yourself to grow on a daily basis requires setting goals that are meaningful to you . When setting up your mortgage goals you need to think of how defined, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-specific they are. Rather than maintaining the bird’s eye view of what you want to accomplish, break it down into the smallest, most manageable steps you can.

Setting and achieving goals isn’t about knowing how you’ll get to the end-result, but rather understanding the incremental steps needed to edge you closer to it. Having goals that are too big and hard to...

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Building Mortgage Marketing Pillars for Loan Officers

Mar 12, 2018

When it comes to finding leads in the mortgage industry, there's no limit to the number of venues you can choose from. From free and paid systems to networking with influencers at events, there is a lot to explore. In fact, if you check your inbox, you'll probably find dozens of unsolicited emails that talk about how to get these leads.

And that's what so frustrating. Sure, you know that borrowers aren't going to flock to you and that you have to go out and find them. However, with so many options to choose from and so many different pieces of advice out there, it can be difficult to decide which strategy is best for you.

So how do you avoid becoming overwhelmed with all of these decisions? It's easy to let your indecisiveness paralyze you into doing absolutely nothing. What's worse, it could cause you to fall into the black hole of trying one strategy and gimmick after the next, never really knowing which one actually works because you never take the time to fully execute it. Not...

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Find Customers in Your Own Database

Mar 05, 2018

How many potential clients are right under your nose?

Did you know that a large portion of your potential business is already in your own database?  All you have to do to generate some new business is utilize information you already have.  Well, that is the case if you’ve correctly built your database.   If so,  you will already have access to a large list of email addresses that will help you market to specific target groups of potential customers.

Chances are that you are collecting data from potential home buyers who agreed on lead-capture forms and from online inquiries or even loan applications However, what about all the other professionals that you work with during the loan process? You can add a lot of emails to your database by acquiring the information of other industry professionals, such as escrow officers, realtors,  selling homeowners, tax preparers, insurance agents, transaction coordinators, various home inspectors, and the like.


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Keeping in Touch to Keep your Mortgage Customers

Feb 26, 2018

How an open line of communication can improve your mortgage business

Chances are, we all already know how difficult it can be to convert a simple lead into a loan.  Additionally, after that lead has been converted, it can be even tougher to use it in order to grow your business.  The easiest way that we suggest you do this is by establishing an effectively line of communication between you and each of your customers.  You can do this by establishing a talking point early on in your relationship with every customer.  

We probably all already know that one of the most frustrating aspects of the mortgage business is is that borrowers are often forced to go days or even weeks without hearing any updates about the status of their loan. That’s why you should take it upon yourself to make sure that all parties involved are consistently kept up to date.  This will make you appear more trustworthy, honest, and transparent, and in turn, keep your customers...

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Online Reviews- The Key to Loan Officer Success

Feb 23, 2018

Websites like Yelp!, that feature online reviews can be instrumental in getting your mortgage business noticed.

You may not be aware of it, but a large majority of your potential customers are looking you up online.  Not only do they want to see how you present yourself and your business, but more importantly, they want to see what your real customers have to say about their experiences with you.  Depending on what sort of reviews are floating around on the internet, this can have an entirely negative or positive effect on your business.  This is why it’s important to be aware that your potential customers have most likely already judged your business before ever meeting you in person.  

By boosting your online presence and maintaining a positive/ professional aesthetic, you can close a few extra loans every month.  Although it might not seem like much, the extra business quickly adds up.  However, many loan officers don’t know where to...

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FSBO Marketing for Loan Officers

Feb 22, 2018

 Mortgage Industry

The last one decade, the mortgage industry has grown to be among Economic pillars in the world. It has since employed many people and contributed immensely to the GDPs of many countries. However, it is how you do it that makes it booming. It's in everyone's knowledge that others start and fail. While others have remained very prosperous in the business.

The industry is faced with numerous challenges that must be addressed if you are to continue with the business. Such challenges range from difficulties in sourcing leads, maintaining a steady lead source, adhering to numerous regulations by governments, not to mention entry of large financial institutions into the sector. This necessitates the need to even make it better.

To say that it's challenging to be a mortgage professional in today's environment would be an understatement of the century. Mortgage originators like every other participant in the sector are faced with numerous challenges. Their riddle is...

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How Emails Have Outgrown just a Signature Line for Mortgage Loan Officers

Feb 11, 2018

How to harness the full potential of an outgoing email

Emails carry an immense amount of power with utilizing them correctly as a Mortgage Loan Officer. Every time you send an email to update your home buyer or real estate agent, know that you’re not harnessing its full potential. Emails have the potential of being used as marketing tools and not just for communication mediums. You can easily seize this opportunity as long as long you have your signature line which entails your name, address, title, contact numbers, company name, your website and the NMLS number.

How do you do it? Well, begin by putting your email to use and creating hyperlinks of your name, address, the name of your company and your website. Better yet, you can expand the sphere and create hyperlinks of some of the aforementioned items using your company’s email to let the receiver know about special niche loan programs your company offers. Create hyperlinks of any URLs of interest to direct your email...

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