Which Review Site is Best for Loan Officers - Yelp, Google Business or Zillow

If you looking to purchase a product which is offered by different companies, how would you decide who to purchase it from? If you are like most of us, you would simply pick up your smartphone and read online reviews about each company and make your decision on those reviews. Well, the same goes for anybody who is possibly going to use your real estate services.

With the internet and technology making it easy and quick to access information about anybody, your potential clients will search for reviews on you. The reviews and testimonials they find online could be the difference between getting new clients, or losing them to someone else.

Get a Testimonial From Your Client After Every Closing
It is important that you obtain a testimonial after every closing if your clients are happy with your real estate services. Typically, the time of closing is a happy time for the client, and therefore, a perfect time to ask for a testimonial. It is always harder to obtain that testimonial at a later time down the road.

Tell your clients that it could be short and just be a few sentences. Many don't like writing long reviews and may not give you one because of that. A short testimonial that's to the point is just as effective.

Take a Picture With Your Client In Front of the Property
Along with asking for a testimonial at the time of closing, you should definitely take a picture with your clients. It is always preferred to take a picture at the property. An effective picture is to take a picture in front of the property while your clients hold the SOLD sign or the keys. The picture can be taken when you meet your client at the property to deliver the keys.

Statistics show that online reviews are critically important to establishing trust with future clients, with 80% of consumers trusting online reviews as much as a personal recommendation and 64% of consumers saying that negative reviews make them question the quality of a business.

Before you ask your next client for a review, you might want to know which site to ask them to go to.

There are many review channels that your clients can use to review your services as a loan officer, but the most important 3 are:

  • Zillow – Essential! (It’s important to get lots of great Zillow reviews)
  • Google – Essential! (It’s important to get lots of great Google reviews)
  • Yelp – Nice to have (It’s good to get lots of great Yelp reviews, but not as essential as Zillow or Google)

The remaining real estate sites barely rank as “also ran’s.” Trulia is the most important site specific to the real estate industry after Zillow…although you don’t have to do anything to get reviews on Trulia, since the same reviews you get on Zillow automatically transfer to Trulia now that Zillow and Trulia are fully integrated. After Trulia, Redfin is the next most popular place people search for real estate agent reviews, followed finally by Realtor.com.

Recently, Zillow surpassed Google for the first time as the #1 place people go when they want to find reviews of loan officers.

But Google remains a very strong #2 behind Zillow for now. So as soon as you have your Zillow reviews under control, your very next priority should be to get lots of strong Google reviews.

Coming in a distant third, Yelp should be your next priority after Google.

So since Zillow is #1 let’s learn how to build your online presence and get in on the online mortgage activity. Yea. Sure, your website speaks about you, maybe your brokerage website also speaks about you but one of the most important mortgage marketing tools to build your online presence is Zillow. How do you use Zillow to build your online presence?


Zillow is not all about posting your listings, folding your arms and hoping that the buyer with the big bucks will come. It is a means of disseminating information. It's a way to empower your clients with data, inspiration and local mortgage knowledge. Your prospects want specific information, they want information about the local community that only you can offer. If you show that you can provide this, you are valuable.


Never underestimate the power of reviews. They are critical. 90% of customers say that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. Always get client reviews and use them in your Zillow profile.


This platform shows prospects how experienced you are as a realtor. Your prospect desires an agent that can anticipate and offer practical answers to their problems. Showing that you have working experience through your answers can help you hook up with potential customers and get you targeted leads in your local market.


Take your Zillow advertising next level by becoming a premier agent. The Zillow Premier Agent program is designed with the simple purpose of bringing agents more buyers, more sellers, and more business. Each service level is stacked with innovative and effective elements meant to generate more traffic to your brand and your listings.

Regardless of which are more important for your mortgage business, Google My Business, Yelp or Zillow, you need to get as many reviews as you can on all of these platform.

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