Why Buffer is essential for Loan Officer Social Media Management

Buffer for Loan Officers

Loan Officers often complain about the lack the time in managing their social media accounts. While some resort to outsourcing this task, the others don't feel comfortable enough letting somebody else do this work for them.

To those who still want to have a hand on sharing their experiences and updating their different social media sites, there's great news for you. Now you don't need to be totally hands on in updating your Facebook, instagram, Twitter and all your other accounts because you can get help from a new application.

This app is called Buffer. What it does is schedule the content you'd like to share according to the time you want them to go out on the different sites. The team behind the app said their goal is to make life easier for people and help them make an authentic and honest appearance on social media.

What is Buffer?

The Buffer app is free to use but those who would like to manage more than three social media accounts need to upgrade to a paid plan. The free plan allows 10 posts in a day and can accommodate your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. It also provides free browser extensions and mobile apps.

What makes it different from its competitors is that Buffer can send out updates at pre-determined times even without you choosing the specific times of the day. But as a user, you are free to adjust the times that suit you.

By using this new and efficient tool, people can better engage themselves in social media. While the app takes care of posting the updates, business owners can focus more on the interaction aspect by replying to comments or posting the details of their upcoming events. In short, you can hang out at any social media site you want without having to worry about your status updates and posts you'd like to share with friends.

Every time you find a post you want to share, a tweet you want to retweet, or whenever you write some content that you want to share out over time, you can add it to your Buffer. The content will be placed in a queue and the posts are sent out in order, at times you have pre-selected.

This means that you don’t need to choose a date and time for every single post you want to schedule. You just add it to your queue, and Buffer does the work for you.

As a curtesy to our members and even website visitors Mortgage Marketing Pros created a free eBook “How To Use Buffer As A Loan Officer” in this free ebook we cover the following:

  • How to create a buffer account
  • How to connect your social networks to buffer
  • How to set up and schedule your posts
  • How to use Pablo by Buffer to design your posts

To get instant access to our free Buffer guide please click on the following link: Buffer for Loan Officers.

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