The Top 4 Loan Officer Marketing Tools

In this day and age, the ineffectiveness of old school loan officer marketing tools and tactics, such as making cold calls, is becoming clearer by the second.  Sure, cold calling might be a decent starting point for your business to gain some traction, but they are by no means a sustainable practice.  That’s why Mortgage Marketing Pros wants to tell you what the top 4 loan office marketing tools going into the new year.  The first thing you might notice about this list is that it revolves around online marketing.  That wasn’t a deliberate choice, but rather an observation made after compiling this list.  Not only does this show the overall effectiveness of general  online marketing, but it also tells us that most mortgage business is currently being conducted over the internet.  It is therefore vital that your company has a functional website that potential customers will find easy to navigate and use.  Becoming even just the slightest bit internet-savvy can help your business tremendously.  Furthermore, integrating the tools listed below into your online marketing campaign can bring you and your business all that much closer to success.  So without further ado, let’s begin!

1. Online Videos

“Going viral” is a term that’s generally associated with online video sharing platforms, such as YouTube and Vimeo.  It is a phenomenon that occurs when a particular video reaches such a wide audience (theoretically around the globe) that search engines recognize its popularity and thus start recommending it to the vast majority of users.  In short, you want to go viral; it’d do wonders for your business.  However, it’s not that simple.  With millions of web users uploading videos every day, how do you make yours stick out?  It is more valuable then, to examine why viral videos are such a trend in our society.  

The short answer is that videos are more engaging to, and thus more successful with the average online user than any other form of online content.  For example, the average person is constantly bombarded with written information in their day to day life.  In other words, they are used to tuning the great majority of written content out.  Similarly, images are almost just as easy to pass over.  Although they are more likely to attract attention, they don’t reach out and engage, so they aren’t very likely to bring you customers.  Videos, however, entice the viewer with the promise of more.  Once the video is started, information is unfolded, rather than simply presented right away.  This means that web users are much more likely to watch our entire video, visit your website, etc.  In short, you should put some time, money, and effort into even a basic online video campaign.  Even if your videos aren’t fancy and don’t go viral, they are still one of the most effective means of online marketing for loan officers.  

2. Email Automation

Although it’s been used by countless loan officers and business owners for a decade or more, email automation is still a seriously underutilized tool.  Additionally, many business who do use email automation only do so in a way that often gets their messages marked as spam and thus, are ineffective.  Yes, automation gives you the ability to send multiple messages to different clients and to schedule them at the same time, but most providers also allow you to personalize your messages.  Email is a great way to stay in touch with your current customers, to offer them specials, advice, and more, but if the messages you send are obviously stock and automated, they also run the chance of being ignored.  Add a bit of personal touch to your automated emails.  Insert your clients’ names at the beginning of each email.  Maybe even make suggestions and offers based on their current mortgage, so that they feel like you remember them and even better, know them.  Trust is a key factor in the mortgage business and your marketing strategies should always revolve around it.  

3. Social Media Automation

Surprisingly, many people aren’t aware that a similar sort of automation is available for social media sites.  This allows you to schedule usually about a month’s worth of social media posts, whether it be blogs, Instagram image posts, Tweets, YouTube videos, etc., at one time.  This makes any online marketing campaign a thousand times easier since it frees up the time it takes to make a post each day.  Automating your company’s social media posts can also ensure that your social media sites are maintained regularly.  All too often do small businesses let their social media sites and sometimes even their websites go unattended for months.  This only leaves potential customers to believe that you’re either not interested in finding new business or that you might even be out of business.  The moral of the story is, social media automation can prevent this, and help you maintain a solid online presence.  

4. Social Media

It should go without saying, however, it can’t be stressed enough: Social media is crucial.  You simply cannot afford to deny or ignore the significant impact a successful social media marketing campaign can have on your business.  Social media platforms provide a place for you to directly engage and interact with potential customers.  Furthermore, it is where you are most likely to find a target audience or, those who are looking for your services.  For instance, if you are looking for first time home buyers, you can target a younger audience through your social marketing campaign.  It’s best to use a social media platform to present yourself as an advisor.  If people have basic questions, feel free to answer them, or to even direct them to an FAQ page.  Once again, the name of the game is trust.  Show people that you are there to help and they will be much more likely to do business with you.  

At Mortgage Marketing Pros, we are dedicated to helping you and your business succeed.  That’s why we provide tips like those above, which can make a significant improvement for your marketing campaign.  Visit us at our website for more loan office marketing tips and to see how else we can help you on your road to success!

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