Which is the best social media site to use as a loan officer

It's clear that social media has grown dramatically over the last few years and that with more than 800 million active users, the number of Facebook users is easily more than twice the size of the entire population of the United States!

Its growth has been astronomical and today, millions of people are posting more personal and business information online than ever before. It's happening at lightning speed with thousands of posts, tweets and uploads occurring every hour.

There are hundreds of social networks online and quite a few huge social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin Instagram, Snapchat, Google+ and more. Social media sites are where your future clients are today. We all understand the power of social networks, but which ones are ideal for a loan officers marketing campaign?

Before we answer this question let us give you a few facts about the top social networks and that by itself my answer your question of what are the best social networks for loan officer marketing?

Facebook Statistics

  • Less than half of 12 to 17-year-old US Facebook users will log on at least once per month in 2018.
  • Almost 60% of US internet users selected Facebook to watch videos online in Dec. 2017.
  • Facebook still reigns as the most popular social media network with 79% of internet users in the US logging on the site.
  • Facebook is estimated to generate $21.57 billion in US ad revenues in 2018, which would account for 83% of the total social media ad spend throughout the nation.
  • 68% of US adults between the ages of 18-29 are on Facebook.
  • Daily Facebook visitors grew by 6% year over year from 2015 to 2016 to equal more than 1.6 billion users.
  • More than 33,000 chatbots are active on Facebook. Learn how to use chatbots here!
  • 100 million hours of video is viewed daily on Facebook.
  • There are more than 50 million businesses using a Facebook Business Page.
  • Facebook ranked second in a December 2017 survey of senior ad buyers in the US as the platform to drive the most ROI. Google Search was named No. 1.
  • Facebook ad revenue in the US is expected to outpace total print ad spending by 2019.

Instagram Statistics

  • Instagram posts using at least one hashtag receive 12.6% more engagement than posts excluding them.
  • Within 10 hours of an Instagram post, users receive 50% of their total comments.
    Of the top brands using Instagram, 60% use the same filter for all content.
  • More than 91% of Instagram posts are photos.
  • 35% of Instagram users check Instagram multiple times a day and 51% open the app daily.
  • Gender comparisons show online females are 38% more likely to use Instagram over men (26%).
  • The majority of Instagram users fall between 18-29 years old, which equates to roughly 60% of adults on the internet.
  • Nearly a fourth of social media influencers believe Instagram is the top avenue for influencer marketing strategies.
  • Mondays are the strongest day to post to Instagram for engagement.
    Instagram drives the most engagement per post compared to any social network–
  • 84 times more than Twitter, 54 times more than Pinterest and 10 times more than Facebook.
  • Approximately 25% of Instagram ads are single videos.
  • Instagram ads grew by 28% in the second half of 2017. There were 134,000
  • Instagram ads in July 2017, but ultimately hit 171,000 Instagram ads in December.
  • Instagram added 100 million users in roughly six months during 2016. This coincided with the launch of Instagram Stories.

Twitter Statistics

  • Mobile accounts for 86% of Twitter’s ad revenue.
  • Twitter is accessed through a mobile device by 82% of its monthly active users.
  • 47% of marketers agreed Twitter was the best social media channel for customer engagement.
  • Twitter ranked last as a the platform to drive ROI in a December 2017 survey of US senior ad buyers.
  • In Q4 2017, Twitter estimated an average of 330 million monthly active users across the globe–a 4% increase from 2016.
  • 81% of millennials view their Twitter account on a daily basis.
  • Tweets with images are 150% more likely to get Retweets than text-only Tweets.

LinkedIn Statistics

  • LinkedIn posts with images receive 200% more engagement than text-only posts.
  • 98% of LinkedIn posts with images earn more comments than text-only posts.
  • 28% of global marketers said LinkedIn was an effective platform for video marketing in December 2017. YouTube was the highest at nearly 79%.
  • US marketers polled in November 2017 said LinkedIn was the safest social ad platform for brands when concerning divisive politics or fake news.
  • There are more than 450 million LinkedIn user accounts.
  • The typical LinkedIn user only uses the network for an average of 17 minutes per month.
  • 18% of LinkedIn users only log in once a day.
  • Monthly premium accounts make up 39% of total LinkedIn users.
  • 94% B2B organizations rely on LinkedIn for content marketing and distribution.

To sum up to run a successful online mortgage marketing campaign, then you need to be on each one of the following social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. We also recommend snapshot if you don’t mind taking videos often.

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