Mortgage Marketing FSBOs for loan officers

For Sale by Owner for Loan Officers

Working with a FSBO seller can be very rewarding yet once we are done with that listing we need and want more FSBO sellers to work with. You can turn every FSBO seller into more closed transactions by following several repeatable steps on each and every transaction that will uncover more FSBO sellers as well as bring you buyers for your other properties.

More FSBO Listings By Helping One FSBO Seller

Often it is one piece of valuable information that is shared with a seller or buyer that puts them over the edge in deciding to work with you. One of the most powerful ways to get more FSBO listings very quickly is from taking just 1 FSBO listing. If worked correctly 1 FSBO listing can turn into 5 or more FSBO listings very quickly.
This can be done by making sure to share the experience with as many people as possible. Some immediate ways to pick up FSBO inventory is by taking the following actions:

Calling all of your current FSBO prospects and sharing - That's right share with them that you are helping one of "their own". FSBO's often like to stick together and if they know you are helping one of "their own" this will allow you to pick up additional FSBO listings.

Update your website with the new FSBO listing - whether you have a blog or a website let the world know you are helping a new FSBO seller. Make sure you tell the "story" of how it all came about.

Get the FSBO seller to record a "Why I chose to list message" - Do this as quickly as you can in the relationship with the FSBO. Preferably have them record it on a system that allows you to put it on the Internet so even more people can hear about. At the very least it should be recorded on a hotline that people can call in and listen to.

At Mortgage Marketing Pros we offer a complete For Sale By Owner System, FSBOs are not just for Real Estate Agents to target. Loan Officers can be effective partner to the property owner with the right marketing plan and that is where an action taking Loan Officer can increase their lead count.

Follow the steps outlined in our FSBO course and you will find success working with FSBOs.

FSBOs are not just for Realtors, Loan Officers can benefit from this niche product. Loan officers will have the upper hand when connecting with the seller(s) because you are not looking to have the seller(s) commit any commission to you.

Remember you are providing a marketing plan to attract as many buyers as possible that will utilize your services to purchase the property and assisting the seller(s) with the financing on their next home purchase.

Whats included in the FSBOs for Loan Officers

  • Step #1 - Where to Find FSBOs Data in Your Area: Where to find FSBO listings in your local area for free.
  • Step #2 - Contact the Seller: First Steps on Connecting with the Seller of the Property
  • Step #3 - Follow Up: How to follow up after you emailed and mailed the seller
  • Step #4 - Appointment: Getting the green light from the owner to assist with the marketing of their property for sell.
  • Step #5 - Where to Market / Post Property: Know you have the green light to market the Property for sale, Post Here

To get started with our FSBO system for loan officers click on the following link to sign up, FSBOs for Loan Officers.

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