Looking for a free and easy site to market your loan products on, have you ever thought about Craigslist?

Mortgage Loan Officer should not discount the power of a free site like Craigslist to help promote their mortgage services to a local market.

It’s quite true that many people these days are overlooking the effectiveness of promoting their Mortgage Services on Craigslist and this could be a big mistake. Why? Well, because Craigslist has been ranked #15 of the 50 most dominant websites online today by Alexa. In fact, according to Alexa, Craigslist even outranks the online big boys like Apple, Bing, CNN, PayPal, Pinterest, Wal-Mart, and Yelp. 

Mortgage Marketing Pros is an affordable monthly membership to assist mortgage loan officers on how to market and dominate their local market to attract borrowers looking for a mortgage professional to help them buy or refinance a house.

So, using Craigslist’s authoritative power for marketing your mortgage programs is a really smart move for a loan officer. And, two of its major benefits include easy set-up and the fact that it’s absolutely free to use. All you need is a few minutes for setting it up and then you have the option of creating as many as five postings and taking them live in an hour or less. Then, all you have to do is continue by updating your postings every couple of days and maintaining them.

Try It Again
OK, so maybe you did give Craigslist a try in the past but didn't quite see your desired results. There could be a number of reasons why this may have occurred including:
1. You didn't include any images.
2. If you did, perhaps they didn't include any bright colors.
3. You didn't utilize any key search terms in your title.
4. You didn't use any targeted search terms within your first 156 characters.
5. You failed to complete all fields for ensuring your ranking.

So, why not give Craigslist another try, keeping the above five significant points in mind? What have you got to lose but a few minutes of your time and maybe get a lead or two out of it?

Using exceptional images is a key component of breaking out of the clutter that search pages contain. The majority of postings don't include an image, which means that those that do stand out more. Just ensure that your image has a border and contains bright eye-catching colors. One site that is free to use where you can start creating eye-catching images is Canva.com.

Have a Compelling Title
Using the proper title that includes the key search terms is an essential part of acquiring a top ranking. In many cases, loan officers find themselves using search terms that are too competitive, this makes it almost impossible to acquire top billing on the first page of the major search engines. So, you should consider using search terms for describing your loan program. For example, in place of simply “USDA Home Loans”, you could utilize “USDA No Money Down Home Loans in Covina, CA”.

Having the Right Key Search Terms
Your key search terms should also be included in the first 156 characters of the body of your post. In addition, you should also mention the program itself, the location, and especially the benefits. For example, “USDA’s home loan program gives buyers the opportunity to purchase owner-occupied homes in the Glendora area with the no down payment 100 percent financing program”.

Complete All Sections Before Moving on to the next Step
Completing all sections prior to moving on to your last three steps is essential. Be sure to fill everything in, including your name, location, postal code, location, and NMLS number. There are only four steps, so once you get to the last step, simply click on "Publish” to send your post live.

Craigslist Posts by the Numbers
So, let’s go thru the steps for creating a Craigslist post that is top-ranking:
(1.) Creating your free account- Go to “settings” then complete a few default tabs.
(2.) Creating mages with Canva.com- Make your images stand out by using bright colors. a border. or even a self-portrait. Add somewhere between three and five mages, saving the images by names for them using key search terms that you are trying to rank for.
(3.) Choosing an Area- When you feel that you’re ready to post, you’ll need to choose the optimum area for posting. After setting up your account, you have the ability to pick an area using the default tab. If you do, however, make sure that you have the right area or change it prior to starting your post.
(4.) Choosing Service Offered- Go to the next section, which is “Type of Posting” and chooses “Service Offered”. Then you should continue by posting one of your ads in the “Real Estate Services” area and one in the “Financial Services” area.
(5.) Creating Your Post- Be sure that you're using an HTML symbol, as well as using the key search terms that you’re trying to rank for. Then, completing the body of your post including special items like licenses (NMLS#), contact information, location, postal code, and the map section. Then finish by hitting continue.
(6.) Creating a Location- You can move the pin if necessary but make sure that it's in the right location, then click “continue” when you're done.
(7.) Uploading Images- Upload three to five of them and then click “continue” when you're done.
(8.) Reviewing your Post- Once you’ve reviewed it and are satisfied or have made changes if not, then just click “Publish”.
You could receive an email from Craigslist verifying your post prior to it going live.

Maintenance After Posting
Once your posting goes live, you should start logging into your dashboard every couple of days for the purpose of renewing it during its first week. After completing this step for your first week, your post will be active for the following 30 to 45 days. The exact amount of time depends on the type of posting that you selected. It'll only take you a few minutes for this maintenance and it will help you with reaching a first-page ranking on Google.

Craigslist is a great marketing tool for loan officers to try and maintain. It is free to use and should not be discounted as a marketing avenue to get a free buyer and refinance leads from.

To learn more about using Craigslist as a mortgage loan officer, check out Mortgage Marketing Pros.

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