When should I ask a borrower for a customer review on a home loan

Loan Officer Reviews

Customer reviews can be a vital tool for attracting new customers, and evaluating your performance to determine areas that might need improvement. The reviews is an effective sales tool because it serves as a powerful form of social proof. If you were on the fence about purchasing a product, wouldn't you appreciate hearing a number of positive (or negative) testimonials about that product from real people/your peers who were once in your same position?

Showcasing a number of immaculate testimonials on your sales page or your social media, Google My Business and Yelp, assuage your customer of any doubts which they have about your service.

But besides the obvious reasons of the positive impact of getting reviews from your satisfied customers, reviews can easily generate you new business by increasing your ranking on Google and yelp as the accounts with more positive reviews will rank higher on the search engines.

The absolute best time to ask for a review for your customer is immediately after the deal is closed or shortly after.

Loan Officer Tips for dealing with online reviews:

  • Pay Attention to What Customers Say

Monitor review websites by using Google Alerts, which is free. Or subscribe to a reputation management service to monitor all mentions of your company across the Web. Some review websites will even notify you via email when new reviews are posted.

  • Generate More Reviews, More Often

Most satisfied customers won't take the time to post a review unless you specifically ask them to. Make it easy by signing up for an online service that automatically emails your customers to request they submit a review. This simple technique has proven to dramatically increase the number of positive reviews you can generate. These services can link to your customer database so you know the reviews are from your actual and recent customers.

  • Promote Your Reputation Across the Web

Make sure that a 'read my reviews' button is prominently displayed on your website and on social media pages. This provides a compelling call-to-action for customers to read and also write reviews. To get started, create a separate web page that lists your reviews, preferably updated automatically or linked directly to your business' profiles on reviews sites. You can also add links to your reviews in a customer newsletter or in a promotion.

  • Respond Quickly, Personally, and Appropriately

Create a policy for responding to negative reviews and designate one person to act as the spokesperson in these situations. When a negative review appears, respond in a timely fashion, ideally via a private message, assuming you can determine the reviewer's identity and contact details. Acknowledge their dissatisfaction, describe how you plan to resolve the cause of it, and invite them back for a discounted or even a free service. Successful restaurant owners, goes a step further. They refund the customer's entire purchase when they are dissatisfied. They sees the monetary loss as a necessary expense in defending the reputation of their business. If the customer doesn't respond, or isn't willing to let you compensate them for the negative experience, craft a thoughtful public response to the review that explains how you have fixed the problem and attempted to resolve the situation with the customer.

People weigh the opinions of others heavily, even when they don't know them. That said, they are more likely to trust a business owner who takes time to respond to reviews with the goal of improving their service. Customers will naturally gravitate to businesses that display a human element. Remember, when it comes to managing customer reviews and promoting your reputation, the best defense is always a good offense.

It is vital to the success of your business to promote your reputation across online review and social media sites. Encourage your guests to provide feedback often, making it easy and accessible can drive good reviews and give you the best kind of promotion.

Here are some easy ways to ask for feedback and reviews:

  • Include a note in your email signature to your social media, Google my business and Yelp.
  • Send a follow up email to check in and offer a link to leave feedback
  • Add a page to your website inviting clients to send their feedback to you
  • Post a request on your Facebook fan page for reviews (or other social networks)
  • Leave reviews on LinkedIn and request reviews from clients

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