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Updating Social Profile for Loan Officers

Most loan officers are familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on some level using the power of search engines like Google, YouTube, Yahoo or Bing to boost one's mortgage marketing campaign. But as social media grows as one of the top platforms to reach consumers, new approaches to digital marketing is becoming crucial for every mortgage loan officer to stand up and take notice.

One of the top strategies used to maximize your results online is Social Media reach is by optimizing your social profile. 

What is social media optimization?

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is essentially using social media as a catalyst to grow your business with an online presence. Where some loan officers tend to just set up a profile on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter without having the profile complete which will eventually hurt your brand. SMO is about strategically creating, building and maximizing your social media platform to connect with your target audience.

All social media strategies need to start with the optimization of your social profiles. Your profile is usually the first thing new users will see and often dictate how your business appears in search results, both in and out of their respective apps.

In this ebook we will cover the top 10 ways to Optimize Your Social Media Profile to ensure maximum exposure and optimum results.

We created a free book guide on the top 10 tips to optimize your social media profiles.


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