Lion Desk for your CRM for Loan Officers Mortgage Marketing Guide

What is LionDesk for Loan Officers

LionDesk is a customer relationship management service prepared and designed for real estate and mortgage professionals. Regarded as an efficient management platform, LionDesk serves as an all-in-one solution that realtors, teams, agents, brokers, and lenders can use to improve their operations, boost drip campaigns, and supercharge client interactions.

LionDesk helps users organize their leads, prospects and closed business by providing them with the opportunity to increase leads and close more deals. It also offers marketing and transaction management tools.  LionDesk aids mortgage professionals by streamlining follow-up process, so you are able to spend more time communicating with your clients.

Their CRM system allow loan officers and real estate agents to manage clients by assigning each new client to a specific team member, and prioritize to determine who to contact next. Loan Officers can also track emails, phone calls, and other interactions, and tag and filter them for added organization. In order to ensure that each enquiry is dealt with by the relevant person, LionDesk allows users to assign leads to team members based on performance, specialities, or zip code. With LionDesk, users can also track their deals and pipeline, property closings, deadlines and more with the in-built calendar and automatic notifications.

LionDesk Pricing

LionDesk for Loan Officers has two main pricing plan, $25 per month per user for the Pro Plan and $49 per month per user for the Pro Plus plan, but you can try before you buy, LionDesk offer a 30 day free trial which should give you enough time to test their CRM and see if it’s a good fit for your mortgage business.

LionDesk Features for Loan Officers

LionDesk comes with a wide range of features that are tailored to fit the needs of loan officers and real estate agents:

  • Video Email & Video Texting
  • Text 2 Sell
  • Contact Management
  • Property Management
  • Lead Distribution
  • 3rd Party Lead Imports
  • Calendar/Task Management
  • Power Dialer
  • Facebook Ads Direct
  • Scheduled Emails & Texts
  • Texting Manager
  • Enhanced Drip Campaigns
  • Deal & Pipeline Management
  • Broker Functions
  • Track Email Results
  • Document Management
  • Click to Call
  • Auto Responders
  • Direct Mail - Letters

We created a step by step free ebook guide on how to use LionDesk for loan officers, feel free to download, and if you have any questions or need help in setting up your LionDesk CRM please feel free to contact us.

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