Mortgage Marketing ideas for loan officers on how to create animated GIFs

Mortgage Marketing with GIF files

GIF stand for Graphics Interchange Format, and it was born before the popular explosion of video. In fact, the GIF is probably the lead to the development of Web 2.0 video. The GIF tells a story more than a static image ever could - it is literally a series of timed images patched together, invented by photographer Eduard Muybridge in 1878. It was eventually developed for the web in 1987 by CompuServe.

Gif file types are perfect for images that do not contain more than 256 colors and has large areas of uniform color, so gif file type is not recommended to be used for photographic images because they will not be shown in their best format. If the number of colors is smaller than 256 then there will be no problem for the gif file type to show the image exactly like it is. If the image has too many colors gif will use various algorithms to approximate the extra colors in the image. Gif format also compresses files but during compression it looses many of the colors. Gif compresses image files in two ways: either he reduces the number of bits needed per pixel or he abbreviates common patterns. Gif files do not support full transparency that is why it is recommended pastel colors or light tones to be used for the background whenever with gif files.

As internet speeds increased, streaming became popular with dominance of channels like YouTube. GIFs got cool again. They were recycled and reborn in new ways, as users realized the advantage of easy-to-use content over long-form videos.

You have only a few seconds in which to attract the attention of visitors to your website. In fact, if the visitor is not entranced by your site within 7 seconds, he or she will just navigate away from the page. Who knows how many business opportunities you might have lost merely because your site was not attractive enough?

Animated GIF images can be used in a variety of interesting ways. You can use them to draw attention to specific parts of your site where you wish the user to perform a particular action. As a matter of fact, these images are generally used to create banner ads because they are very attractive to visitors. On a less serious note, GIF pictures can also be used to customize your social networking profiles with a whole lot of pictures in a loop.

There is no need to be worried about how to get the right kind of animated images for your site. All you have to do is use a really good free online GIF maker program. You don't need to put in a lot of effort to create a GIF. In fact, you can generally create it in a few steps. You will be able to create and also edit the GIF very easily.

Why Use GIF?

Content with GIFs look better than those without; people stay on your page longer and are more likely to browse your site. A site that is noteworthy impresses potential customers and clients so they are more likely to buy. In the past, companies in business for long periods of time were seen as safe and trustworthy, today they are seen as antiquated and out of touch sites where eye-popping images are seen as modern and trendy. And today modern and trendy are seen as more trustworthy, turning into more sales.

Advantages of Animated GIF files for loan officers:

  • Small File Size: One of the main advantages of using animated gifs is the size which can be relatively smaller compared with other file formats. Moreover, this can be advantageous when loading images online as they can load quicker without losing its quality.
  • Professional Looking Images: Aside from the small file sizes when using animated gifs, these types can also support transparent backgrounds. This will likewise help in providing a more professional look to a particular website having animation over a varied background.
  • Convey Messages Better: Another pro for animated gifs is that it can show any thought in a much better way than it would normally do. It can show movements and emotions that a regular image can’t possibly do. More so, this can be perfect when making tutorial animations that can enhance the experience. Take note that younger audiences can easily be amused with animations, so it can really make them want to pay attention to details.

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