How Emails Have Outgrown just a Signature Line for Mortgage Loan Officers

How to harness the full potential of an outgoing email

Emails carry an immense amount of power with utilizing them correctly as a Mortgage Loan Officer. Every time you send an email to update your home buyer or real estate agent, know that you’re not harnessing its full potential. Emails have the potential of being used as marketing tools and not just for communication mediums. You can easily seize this opportunity as long as long you have your signature line which entails your name, address, title, contact numbers, company name, your website and the NMLS number.

How do you do it? Well, begin by putting your email to use and creating hyperlinks of your name, address, the name of your company and your website. Better yet, you can expand the sphere and create hyperlinks of some of the aforementioned items using your company’s email to let the receiver know about special niche loan programs your company offers. Create hyperlinks of any URLs of interest to direct your email recipients to the sites behind the URLs. As per the rules of most emailing services, bulk emails need to observe anti-spam rules. This article is all about how you can build a special relationship with one or a few other recipients during the home loan process.

One group that can harness the full potential of emailing as a loan officer who can use this strategy to introduce new products to clients including;

• Jumbo loans with 10 percent down payment with no need of monthly mortgage insurance

• Combo loan programs

• Down payment assistance programs for first time home buyers

• 100% financing with the USDA-RD home loan program 

Veronis Systems conducted a study in 2012 and found out that an average person with an email account receives about 50 emails every day while a quarter of the bulk of people receives 100 emails every day. Considering these findings, you create a long-lasting impact on the recipients and generate huge returns when you allot some time to create a truly impactful and rememberable email. Here are the advantages of using your email as a lucrative marketing tool;

• In terms of cost, it is much more affordable than other marketing strategies

• With email marketing, you can visualize what is working best for you whether they are images or hyperlinks

• You are able to connect with a single individual or groups. Here, the individuals include such people as the transaction coordinator, the buyers, real estate agents, insurance company, title company etc.

• You can direct the recipients of the email to your blog to read an article or watch a video; an idea that can greatly boost video or blog search ranking, two benefits into one.

• You will build stronger relationships because the person on the other end that comes to know you better before your signature line

Consider the case of having a purchase transaction that you need to promote. In this case, you will send one email to multiple individual simultaneously while introducing yourself to them and providing them a link that leads to a video or any other content on your blog which educates them more about a product such as a loan process your company is undertaking. The content on your blog will communicate such details of your inside team and people to approach for information concerning the appraisal process. Incorporate some creativity while informing your recipients how the company’s home loan works and the fact that you’ve managed to capture everyone’s interests at escrow.

How to hyperlink a line of text and image and make it clickable:

Go to the site you want to redirect your clients and copy its URL. Go to the text or image you want to create hyperlink and right click on it. Click the hyperlink option on the menu and proceed to paste the URL in an address box in the window that appears. Take care not to overbear your signature line by hyperlinking all the lines or else your signature line will be underlined, a thing that is not good.

You can automate this whole process by making updates via your email’s setting's section. Here, you will be able to arrange for distinct custom signatures specifically made for new realtors, the buying process, the loan process, things to expect during refinance or purchase process and so on. Each signature you create can have its own clickable word(s) or image.

It is also possible to add an image to your signature which can be clicked and lead to an external site. To do this better, create a captivating image with an engraved play button or a line of text stating “Click Here for More Info”. This makes the recipient aware that s/he will be redirected to a site or a video that provides additional information. provides captivating images that will easily capture the attention of the receiver. It is also free and easy to use. It is recommended that you pick a YouTube size image to apply your creativity when adding text and colors. PRO TIP: Consider using bright colors that immediately grab attention. Use the company’s colors to rhyme with theme colors. You can go a little overboard and take a selfie with a smile ripping your face, thumbs pointing in the air or pointing on the “Click Here” text or the play button. Your creativity on how you design image should have no limits as long as you remain in professional boundaries. But having your receivers see the same old standard email can be boring. Therefore, consider changing the image and the clickable line of text every month.

Since people really love clicking on images, it is prudent to position it above your name. You should test the workings of the clickable line of text and the size of the image by sending a trial email to yourself and trying to click on them. A big number of your recipients use smartphones to open emails. For this reason, the size of the image matters a lot and it would be a good idea if you make it a little smaller to lower its loading time.

Another thoughtful option is to incorporate a PS (Post Script) or a PPS (post post script) line and ensuring that part of it is clickable as well. PPS or PS usually reads like this: Steps for applying for our home loan, Click HERE for more insights. You should hyperlink the word “HERE” to lead to the blog or video of interest. You can customize your email signature with an image by clicking on the insert tab located on the menu bar and clicking on picture option. Proceed to add any high-quality jpg or png picture and follow the procedure given earlier on how to add a hyperlink on the line. Automate the email to save time.

Always remember to position the hyperlink and the image before the signature line. Why does positioning matter? It is because over a long period of time your recipients will begin getting used to your emails so they won’t see the need for scrolling past your displayed signature line. People are naturally captivated with pictures anyway. Apply the same strategy when using PPS or PS and boost the click rate by adding the line before your signature.

Here are the best practices to keep in mind while perfecting the art of email marketing:

1. Have a clearly defined message on what you want to do for the recipients

2. Give the recipient just one option; the image or the line, not both

3. You need to time your emails and take care not to send them when a lot is going on with the recipients. Many of them will ignore them and go on with their activities. One such situation is trying to market a loan package in the middle of Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve.

4. Stick to your message and use a maximum of just two colors for the wording; blue and black are great

5. It is a bad idea to add a colorful background. It only increases the loading time and distracts the valuable attention of the recipient. Keep the background white

6. If you must add your social network icons in your signature then restrict them to just one or two and use the one(s) that you have traffic on and you update regularly 

7. The recipient will only see a blank box when you use a picture as a signature line. So consider adding an alt text behind it if you must use the image

8. Remember to protect yourself and stay in compliance rules by adding your legal disclaimer and confidentiality below the signature line. Consult your compliance lending team or your state’s similar body if you don’t have one.

Use your email as a tool to share information, create trust, loyalty and brand awareness. Capitalize on each email by directing the recipients to your website where they can watch a video about how they can repair their credit, download an Ebook etc.

In a short time, you will begin creating relationships. We use our emails every day but we rarely imagine the marketing capabilities they possess. Consider setting up signature lines for every specific stage of loan processing which you can send to correct recipients at a correct time. The bottom line is that email marketing does mortgage marketing for loan offices and it does it well. In fact, email marketing for mortgage loan officers is strategy no organization should ignore.

It is time to part with the old standardized signature sections and start getting useful responses from all important people including escrow officers, insurance agents, transaction coordinators etc on essential matters such as the FHA-203H rehabilitation loan program which is a yet to be a program that many loan officers wish to tackle. It is targeted to homeowners affected by natural disasters.

Change your signature today and you will start to feel its effects with more inbound call and returns emails asking for more information about the USDA home loan programs. 

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