How do I market myself as a mortgage loan officer for free

As a loan officer to generate free leads is or can be the life force of your mortgage business. When you understand how to generate free mortgage leads then you are in position to always have an audience and in this case it would be a laser targeted audience.

It is quite possible to get free leads for life. There are several systems that generate free leads and they can also provide a good return on investments. Learning how to generate free prospective customers is one of the most important skills for any businessman. Knowing how to generate leads that are absolutely free can provide several benefits to any business. Not only would you have access to a good number of quality leads, but you would also be able to save a considerable amount of money which can be invested in other productive venues.

A Powerful Way of Generating Free Mortgage Leads

Among the several methods that are available for generating free prospective customers is using article marketing. Article marketing is a free way to promote your mortgage business and its services, share your knowledge in your niche and drive more traffic to your website. This is a technique that can be used by any business and it does provide great results. Free leads can provide a business better stability in the long run. They can generate traffic for lifetime. Free lead generation magnets are available at several sources online and once the magnet has been placed, it can be used forever and will continue to generate free prospective customers. This means that you will be able to have prospective customers coming in for an infinite amount of time.

In this article I will show you how to generate an influx of free leads on a daily and consistent basis, and the best part is that this is a "set it up and forget system". The format that I am going to share with you is multifaceted so you can actually pick and choose some of the components. However the main components of are as follows:

• Article writing is the strategy - The key is doing this the proper way. If it is done properly, your mortgage article could very well end up on the first page of Google in the first position. This would mean plenty of organic and free traffic for years to come. Article writing to generate free leads is actually a secret weapon of many loan officers. However, many people get online and begin article writing and are frustrated later when they are not getting the traffic they had been lured to believe they would receive. That is a part of many being told only half of the equation.

First you have to choose your topic, then you have to decide on a title. The objective here is to get your title to be the dominant factor of your article. If your title is “First Time Home Buyer Home Loans“, you would put in quotes, 'First Time Home Buyer' on the Google search bar to see how many people search for that term. You want the number to be between 30,000 - 50,000 searches. Once you have found your title. Next you have to do the research.

• Keyword Research - this must be done right for this to work as intended. A start is using Keyword free generator tool via Google - this is a free tool that you can find simply by putting the phrase "free keyword tool" in the Google search bar. If you are not familiar with how to use this, you can search in YouTube for a video that will explain how to use the tool. It is very easy and a very powerful free tool to use.

• You would put the keyword in the search bar of this tool. You want to choose a keyword that has a monthly volume search of 500 - 1,000 here, no less than 500 but possibly a little more than one thousand. The better you get at this, the more you will be able to adjust your maximum number. Once you find the keyword that fit this parameter you want to make it the title of your article your keyword.

• Purchase of Domain Name for Article. This is optional. When you do your key word research or as you are doing your research, if you also search for a domain name that could be the title of your article and purchase it; that makes your chances of getting to the top of Google that much stronger. The cost is less than $10 - Especially if you buy at The objective is to always get a although some experts claim is just as good, but do not use any of the other extensions.

• LSI or Additional Keywords - These are the words that come up that support your dominate key word. The more you use these words it gives your article more relevance in the eyes of the almighty Google algorithms.

• Keyword Density - You want to use your keyword about 2% of actual word count, or at least once in every other paragraph. Be sure not to load your article with too many keywords or Google will see your article as spammy or as a tool simply being used as an attempt to get to the top of the search engine.

• Articles To Add To Your Mortgage Blog - After you write your article you want to be sure to link your article to a resource such as a blog. A blog allows you to continue to help your article travel up the line to possibly become one of the top positions in Google.

• A Squeeze Page - Is a great option for creating free leads, especially if you connect it to a blog. It is a great lead generator and sometimes it is not as intimidating as a blog. It’s really more of a matter of choice.

• The Body Of The Article - You want your article to be between 1500-2000 words. Experts have a difference of opinion there so I would suggest to keep it somewhere in the middle.

• The Placement of the Article. The first place to submit your article to generate free leads is to Linked Posts and any other article directory you can. Once your site is indexed, meaning it actually shows up on Google. You want to add valuable content to your blog where your article is hosted. Doing this could very possibly help get your article to the top page of Google.

• Creating BackLinks To Your Article - In addition, writing content for Hub pages is a great resources to provide quality links to your blog (again where your article is hosted). The objective here is to provide links from other web 2.0 websites. This helps to move your article up in rank of the search engines.

• Another good strategy is to put an outbound link to Wikipedia or some other high ranking site of relevance.

• The Metrics For This Type of Strategy - If you are successful at landing in the top three positions of Google - you can easily generate about 5 - 10 leads a week. This may not seem like a lot, however over a year's time that is about 240 leads laser targeted leads. However if you do 10 or even 20 sites like these the numbers multiply dramatically, and the best part about this strategy to help generate free leads is that once you set the article up and place a few articles on the blog and a few other key factors as described here, you can literally set it up and forget about, and leads will be generated on auto-pilot. And the main cost is the cost of the domain name.

I want to point out that, you can also do this without purchasing the actual domain name as both ways work fine, however having the domain name as the keyword weighs just a little heavier. For example, if you were competing with someone who had everything going that you had going and there was a tie for the first place of Google it goes without saying that the one with the domain name for the exact keyword would win.

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