Loan Officers. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone is Comfortable

It can be easy for a loan officer to fall into a routine and get comfortable with the way things are. If your mortgage business is OK and you are paying your bills, Why change? As a matter of fact, comfort zone can be your worst enemy, because even if you are doing good in your mortgage business now, history taught us that nothing stays the same, any small change in the economy can effect your business, also there are new loan officers joining the mortgage industry every day, so staying put, means that you are going backwards.

Pushing yourself to expand your horizons and get a little better each day is essential to growth, by striving to learn new things in improve with every aspect of your business, you will be creating a new comfort zone like no other, which is to be only comfortable when you are moving forward.

Pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone doesn’t have to be extreme, like taking on a new mortgage marketing strategy that you’re unprepared for or jumping out of a moving car. The zone we’re looking for is where you become more alert, productive, and skillful.

Often, it’s easier to take the steps to break outside of our comfort zone with a mentor or support team. If you know a successful loan officers who can help you and encourage you along the way, they can make these changes seem less daunting. They can also introduce you to things you never would have thought of on your own. Having someone to mentor you can also help hold you accountable and keep you from slipping back into your comfort zone.

Get out of your Comfort Zone! Where Do I Start?

Whether you are a new mortgage loan officer, or an experienced one, it's always a good policy to start with your mortgage marketing plan, as leads generate is one of the most important aspects of your business, and if you have a steady stream of lead generation system then everything else can fall in place easily. If you haven't had a chance to take a long, hard look at your mortgage marketing plan, this is the perfect time now, because this will be the first step of you getting out of your comfort zone.

Some loan officers avoid developing a marketing plan because they assume that it is a long, laborious task that involves high-level business planning, so they may think about it but in most cases they drop the ball and go back to their comfort zone. The reality is that a mortgage marketing plan is really simply a series of steps that you move through. You can go back to your plan at any time to refine it and modify it, especially as you gain additional experience working as a loan officer, It does not have to be complicated or fancy, it just need to be an actionable plan that works.

Mortgage Marketing Plan Steps

Here are a step by step guide on how to plan and develop a simple mortgage marketing plan that works for you, the key here is to develop something that you have not tried before, or may be you tried but you did not give it enough effort:

  • Start with the vision, goals and mission statement, as they are the foundation of any successful marketing plan.
  • Define your target markets. Who do you hope to reach, what is their income level, what are their needs, are they first time buyers, refinancing, etc.
  • Put in place your marketing objectives and strategies. What strategies will you implement for advertising and public relations?
  • Develop a positioning statement. How do you compare with your competition? How do you differ from the competition? What is your niche market?
  • Implement an effective contact management software program or database.
  • Implement strategies to capture contacts through your website by offering newsletters, special reports, free tips sheets, or rate quotes.
  • Develop a system for evaluating your success. Your marketing plan should be ever evolving. You need to have a plan in place to revise your marketing plan as necessary.
  • Evaluate your technology for maximum productivity. Are you taking full advantage of the technology tools that can improve your marketing efforts? Does your webpage capture the attention of clients, does it establish your unique position statement, or does it look just like your competition? The proper technology can make a huge difference in how fast you can react to your marketing and customer response. With minor changes, you can easily deliver custom information for each client.

Go back to the basics. Don't overlook the power of referral marketing. Make sure that you follow up on referrals and keep making consistent contacts with those referrals.

Ask for help when you need it. Sometimes you need a fresh approach or new ideas. Consult with a respected mentor or colleague, or consider a mortgage marketing coach.

By developing a strategic mortgage marketing plan, you provide pinpoint accuracy to your business. You will constantly revise and refine your plan to make the most of your business and develop a strong client and referral base.


You can plan all day long, and come up with the best mortgage marketing plan in the world, but if you do not back up this plan with work and execute it to the dot in a daily basis, all this planning will be useless.

Now that your plan is ready its time to take action, and keep in mind the fact that the more these actions take you away from your comfort zone the more chances you will have for this plan to work, because getting as away as you can from your comfort zone can clear your mind, break your self limitation, and let you fly in an endless sky of opportunities.

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