How to market your mortgage business as a loan officer Free 2018

Free Mortgage Marketing Guide for Loan Officers

Defining your target market is critical if you plan on any measure of success in your mortgage business. A solid foundation for your business requires that one of the first things - if not THE first thing you need to do is to - DEFINE YOUR TARGET MARKET! In laymen's terms, that means you need to figure out who your typical customer is, and design your marketing to reach those people. If you fail to do so, you're marketing efforts will be like tumbleweeds - rolling around aimlessly in whatever direction the wind blows them.

Whether your target market is homeowners who are looking to refinance their property or a new loan borrower who is looking to purchase a home, online marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing. There are several strategies that big mortgage companies use to market their business online, most of which are very expensive considering the amount of competition in the mortgage industry online.

But the good news is that with good planning, hard work and a few adjustments to your marketing campaign, loan officers can implement a successful mortgage marketing plan online for free. Here is an overview of the top free online marketing methods for loan officers in 2018.

Top Free Online Mortgage Marketing Strategies in 2018

Video marketing is swallowing up the marketplace as a company owner and online marketers take advantage of on its characteristics to tempt more customers to their company brand and sites. Videos are now offered on mobile phones that are effective to accommodate videos and apps.

Rich video material that is evergreen and beneficial to customers is drawing lots of to choose video marketing over text material. Company promotion videos might be quickly produced in the very best of video formats utilizing offered devices of this innovation age in a brief time frame for a long-term huge effect. The advantages of video marketing are broad and big to draw in increasingly more company online marketers to woo more customers to their company and brand of services and items.

But besides that creating an original video that delivers value to the viewer then uploading it to YouTube and optimizing its Title, Description and Tags, could mean higher ranking search engines which will allow your videos to be found in Google and other search engines for free. Also adding a link to your website in the YouTube video description will help rank your website better in Google search results.

Blog marketing is not hard if you know what you are doing. However, like most things in business, there are certain things that you must do every day if you want your blog to be a success. For example, don't expect to just create a new post and simply forget about it, you have to be consistent and post regular quality content relevant to your niche or topic of interest. Remember you don’t have to be a professional writer or an award-winning author to create a blog post. All you have to do is to write good content, that delivers a clear message to your target audience and by using a few simple SEO optimization techniques this could mean higher ranking in Google search results, which will feed you with more traffic to your website, and ultimately more business.

Email Blast
Direct email marketing has become a popular form of small business advertising and has reinvented the way many business owners do business. While media advertising and direct mailers are still an integral part of all sales and marketing campaigns, online methods have transformed marketing into immediate contact potential with the ability to receive practically immediate responses. If you are considering implementing your own direct email marketing campaign there are many online services you may benefit from to make your strategy a streamlined success.

Social Media
Last but not least social media is your best tool to get into your community and engage in a positive way that will build your name and brand. Building a tangible buyer to consumer relationship via social media is not easy and probably the most benefit to your business using social media to boost your websites Google rankings. But you need to understand that you can't just set up a Facebook business page and hope for the best. Social Media marketing for Loan officers requires effort and potential customers need to see value in what you have to offer via your social media efforts give them something worth their social interaction and time and then you may get better results.

So as you can see each one of these strategies are powerful on its own and best of all its FREE, imagine if you add all of the methods above to your mortgage marketing efforts consistently, how much more business you can generate without spending an extra dime.

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