5 Tips for Improved Mortgage Broker Marketing Flyers

Uncategorized Jan 18, 2018

These days, with extensive and detailed internet marketing campaigns and some of the most accessible graphic design tools to date, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for your advertisements to stand out.  Additionally, many mortgage broker marketing flyers look extremely similar, especially with the widespread use of free templates, which makes it even easier for your advertisement to be lost in a vast sea of lookalike flyers.  That’s why Mortgage Marketing Pros is providing you with these tips to improve your mortgage broker marketing flyers: we want to help you create unique and memorable flyers that will ultimately bring you more business.  The following tips range from very general rules of thumb to more minute observations, which will help guide you through the thought processes behind basic graphic design and paper marketing skills.  Although it is true that most of your successful marketing campaigns will be conducted online, there is no denying that flyers still remain as an effective means of acquiring new customers.  A good, memorable flyer can help you maintain your presence alongside local real estate agents and in community hot spots.  For additional mortgage broker consultation, you may visit our website and schedule an appointment.    

Simpler Is Better

It’s no secret that in the world of graphic design, simplicity reigns supreme.  Not only do simple designs look better, because they are not cluttered with unnecessary information, but they are also much more memorable .  Think, for example, of some of the most well known and widely recognized company logos: Apple, Adidas, and even Under Armour all have extremely simplistic logos and usually only utilize white and black, instead of vibrant colors.  Keep this in mind when you are designing your company’s logo and especially when designing flyers.  Mortgage broker marketing flyers are already cluttered with information.  That’s why you should work on keeping them as simple as possible.  Only put the information that is vital on your flyers and don’t be afraid to have potential customers call you for more information.  This will make your flyers more memorable and more engaging.  Here's a great video about simplicity in graphic design.

Don’t Use Free Templates!

Although they do make your job a lot easier, they can potentially do you more harm than good.  As mentioned before, many mortgage broker marketing flyers already look very similar.  It should be your goal, then, to make yours stand out while still looking professional.  Free templates only condemn you to having the same appearance as countless other mortgage brokers.  There is no problem with looking at templates to see how your flyer should be structured and which information it should contain, but you should incorporate your observations into your own flyer design.  Much like online marketing, original content is vital to a successful marketing campaign.  The flyers that you produce and use should represent your business and your business only.  Focus then, on creating original flyers with your own original content.  

Your Contact Information Should Be in Plain Sight

This should go without saying, but it is well worth reiterating: your contact information is the most important thing on your flyer.  It should be clearly visible at all times, so that even a passerby can see it and act on it.  Consider having a corner of your flyer dedicated to your contact information.  Include a professional picture of yourself to give a bit of a personal touch.  The key here is to be approachable.  There is nothing more important in the mortgage business than trust.  If potential customers have questions, you should be the first one to answer them.  Make yourself available to help and easy to reach.  The first step to this is having your contact information easily accessible at all times.

Include a Call to Action

In addition to simply having your contact information readily available and easily visible, you should ask yourself, “Why would someone give me a call?”  This is well worth considering: what do you have to offer?  Perhaps give potential customers some incentive to call you.  For example, “Call today to schedule your first consultation for free!”  This makes people feel like they can get something free (which, let’s be honest, everyone loves).  It also gives a chance to show off your professionalism and to let them know that you really know your stuff.  Most importantly, it will get more traffic to your office.  So next time you offer someone a chance to contact you, give them a reason why they really should!

Go for an Aligned, Symmetrical Look

With something that contains as much information as a mortgage broker marketing flyer, with images, prospective rates, and contact information, it is important to avoid creating a cluttered and unappealing design.  As with most any other visual or written project, you should employ uniform page margins.  Align pictures and text blocks with this margins and attempt to make a symmetrical sort of design.  Giving your flyers a clean and organized appearance will improve its overall design and make it seem more professional.

Mortgage Marketing Pros is dedicated to helping you improve your mortgage marketing campaign.  We know that mortgage broker marketing flyers can be tedious and that it can be difficult figuring out how to set yourself apart.  That’s why we’re here to help.  Visit us at MortgageMarketingPros.com to see how we can help you on your path to success today!  

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